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Test 20. Past Simple or Past Perfect?

1. I (enjoyed/had enjoyed) the film even though I (saw/ had seen) it before.

2. I got up late that morning so when I (arrived/had arrived) at the station, the train (already left/had already left).

3. I couldnít speak to them because when I (phoned/had phoned), they (went/had gone) out already.

4. We realized that we (met/had met) before as soon as we (saw/had seen) each other.

5. They (lived/had lived) in their house for twenty years when they (decided/had decided) to sell it.

6. My sister (bought/had bought) me ŗ novel but I (already read/had already read) it.

7. As soon as I heard his voice, I (knew/had known) we (met/had met) before.

8. When I (opened/had opened) the door, the lesson (already began/had already begun).

9. She (painted/had painted) the wall before the children (came/had come) home.

10. The pupils (didnít finish/hadnít finished) the test when the bell (rang/had rung).

11. I (met/had met) Ann ŗ week ago. She (just returned/ had just returned) from ŗ business trip.

12. As soon as I (heard/had heard) ŗ cry, I (ran/had run) out of the room.

13. I (tried/had tried) to phone John in the morning, but he (already left/had already left).

14. The children (didnít clean/hadnít cleaned) the room before their parents (came/had come) home.

15. I (finished/had finished) writing the project at 6 oíclock yesterday.

16. I (wrote/had written) the composition by 6 oíclock yesterday.

17. The teacher (understood/had understood) that the pupils (didnít do/hadnít done) their homework.

18. When my brother (returned/had returned) home, we (went/had gone) for ŗ walk together.

19. He (told/had told) me that he (never played/had never played) football before.

20. She (was/had been) ŗ nurse before she (became/had become) ŗ doctor.


Test 21. Past Simple, Past Continuous or Past Perfect? Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form.

Yesterday Ann (1)(see) a strange man leaving the house. She (2)(notice) that he (3)(wear) a raincoat, and she (4)(wonder) why because it (5)(be) hot and sunny. The man (6)(not see) her. He (7)(begin) to walk away but he (8)(stop) suddenly and (9)(get) into a blue car that (10)(be) parked near the corner. Ann (11)(notice) a large bag by the wall. She was frightened as she (12)(watch) a programme about bombs the night before. So she (13)(decide) to phone the police. By the time they (14)(arrive), the man (15)(go).


Future Simple/Future Continuous/Future Perfect

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